At the Wellington County Museum Exhibition Hall

0536 Wellington Road 18

We have wonderful performers, audiences and concerts for the 2017-2018 season

All concerts at 2pm

Tickets are available at the door

Season memberships are only $30 (a considerable saving!)
A cheque for $30 and your name, address, telephone number may be sent to:
c/o Gallery Music Group
Wellington County Museum & Archives
0536 Wellington Road 18
R. R. 1 Fergus, Ontario N1M 2W3


  • October 21: Music by the Quart and Grand River Brass
  • November 4: Henry Janzen, Violin and friends
  • January 20: Judith , Brad and Greg: Old Friends are like Bookends
  • February 10: Cantabile Strings
  • March 10: Rebecca McKay, Vocals; James Van der Heide, Piano
  • March 31: Venturi Winds: A Teddy Bear’s Picnic: bring a child to the concert

These high quality, affordable concerts are offered Concerts are ideal for young people interested in a wide variety of instruments, types of classical music and performance skills. Each program has a variety of performances and an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of the old Salons.
The Gallery Music Group is a non-profit organization with the motto ” For the Community, By the Community”. This small group of volunteers under Chair Judith Douglas organize six concerts a year.

Free museum access to all exhibits; meet the artists over refreshments
Contact: 519 821-2415 or email: