Sonia Day explains how to start a novel… and finish it!

Sunday, January 27, 2 pm, Fergus Library

Winner of a Silver Medal for Fiction from the Independent Publisher Book Awards (2015), a critic says of her novel Dear Eyes: “Good read! It’s a first novel for Sonia Day, and it’s an engrossing, sexy, amusing entertainment, with an unexpected, shocking ending. I recommend it highly.” Sonia is the author of seven non-fiction books. Two are best-sellers, and all are as lively and irreverent as Sonia herself. She will share her own experience of writing, as well as that of numerous famous authors like Stephen King and Somerset Maugham.


Mike Hintermeister talks about reconciling the monkey on his back… with IMAX

Sunday, February 24, 2 pm, Fergus Library

Armed with technology and fueled with creativity, Mike Hintermeister has spent his life attempting to reconcile the yin and the yang. Using his wide range of metalworking experience and inspired by the natural wonders he’s seen though his work as a Camera Technician, Mike fabricates realistic sculptures, mainly of birds and animals like the amazing horse’s head by Knox Church, Elora. Mike has built and maintained large format film and digital cameras used in the production of Imax Films. He has travelled widely, supporting many amazing film productions.

Phil Dietrich talks about putting art… in its place

Sunday, March 24, 2 pm, Elora Library

Much appreciated by the visual arts community, Phil Dietrich has been the Museum Technician at the Wellington County Museum and Archives since April 2003, and earlier was the Project Manager, Exhibit Development, at the Royal Ontario Museum. Phil’s remarkable ability to mount an endless variety of exhibits has benefited the Insights Juried Art Show as well as all the changing and challenging shows featured at the Museum. How does he do it? What are the secrets, and what are the stories behind his experience in preserving and bringing art to an appreciative audience? We’re eager to hear what goes on behind the scenes.