Art in Public

Art in the Municipal Building

November to Mid-January


Paintings by Ruth Lane

I am a Toronto born painter, currently residing in Elora, ON. I attended York University, where I studied Visual Arts and Sociology. For me, painting is a highly personal experience, during which time I explore questions regarding identity as fluid rather than fixed. The subject matter I paint from is varied, but portraiture and figures are my true passion. I work from personal photographic images and life interchangeably. When painting, whether it be a landscape, portrait, or figure my primary concern is to capture the emotional content. While the portraits and figures I render reflect what is familiar, I am even more interested in conveying the inner workings. This is to say; what might be going on beneath the surface. I feel that this is where the dialogue begins, and space is provided for individual reflection.

Art in the Lobby of Groves Memorial Hospital

November to Mid-January


Paintings by Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart is a watercolour and mixed media artist local to Elora, Ontario. She is largely self taught and has been painting for over 30 years.Sarah is playful in her approach to her art and experiments with the tools and applications she uses. She teaches out of her studio and at a local senior’s residence in Elora.  Sarah participates annually in Oakville’s Art In The Park, previously in Elora’s Art In The yard, and has participated in The Queen’s West Art Crawl in Toronto. She is member of The Elora Fergus Studio Tour. Sarah once served as Elora’s only female chiropractor. After serving the community for more than 10 years and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she has redirected her passion from her patients to her canvas.,

Art in Day Surgery Corridor

A display of Art ages 8-17

Youth art from STUDIOHERE, Fergus

Curated by Meredith Blackmore

Art in the Boardrooms of the Fergus Sportsplex



by Annerose Schmidt • Photographs by Jonathan Schmidt

“About five years ago, I felt inspired to make papier-mâché masks representing the four seasons. Four eventually became 13 and Jonathan became a creative contributor with a series of photographs re-imagining the masks in natural environments. The process for making all the masks was similar. It began with a white papier mâché cast of a face, using the plaster mould of an African sky god made years ago for Puppets Elora. On the surface I built up layers of coloured tissue paper to bring the characters to life. Dipping it into glue allowed me to sculpt shapes.  I discovered that “experienced” tissue, re-used from other projects, took on more interesting forms. Soon I was asking friends for their stashes of used tissue paper, which also provided a range of dye lots. I might be the only person to open a gift wrapped in tissue paper to find the gift inside was tissue paper.  Making masks had similarities to sculpting, which I am used to, but the importance of colour transformed the experience. I did not sketch or use reference material. The colours and shapes suggested themselves in the process while reflecting on the season and concept of the mask.For instance,  February in Canada has many days with the soft mauve and silver light reflected in “Old Man Winter and his Beloved ”.  I used different techniques to create the eyes that make each mask an individual portrait:glowing, fiery, sleepy, swirly, piercing, jubilant, and so forth.Tissue paper is somewhat ephemeral, so a photographic record was important. This became a creative project of its own, as Jonathan and I chose atmospheric outdoor settings that harmonized with each mask. This meant waiting for the change of seasons to provide suitable backgrounds and natural lighting. Jonathan used his keen eye for composition and colour to create images that capture art engaged with nature, such as the winter wind blowing the long paper hair of Old Man Winter, a dynamic moment now frozen in time.” We hope you enjoy the exhibit.Annerose Schmidt,

Art  in Window of Greg Oakes’ Office, Geddes Street, Elora


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Kathi Kuti- Harding

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