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We believe that the arts are essential to human development and the well-being of society, and that artistic expression is a powerful transformative element in the community, building identity, cohesion, and prosperity.

2022 Elora Fergus Arts Council Survey

The Elora Fergus Arts Council is conducting a survey of artists, arts organizations and creative businesses that contribute to the cultural life of Centre Wellington. We want to know who you are, the challenges you are currently facing and how we can support you. The results will help guide the activities of the Arts Council and provide a framework for discussions when we convene a community Arts Roundtable in Spring 2023.

Please take a minute to complete the survey HERE


Beverley Cairns

Beverley Cairns passed away on Thursday, August 18 at her summer home in Quebec where she became unwell and was taken to hospital. Her daughter Eva was with her.

Beverley leaves an incredible legacy in her commitment to the arts, heritage, and her community.  We mourn the loss of this dear, amazing woman and we also reflect in wonder at all she gave of herself to make our community better in so many ways.

The Elora Fergus Arts Council Board is working with the family to plan the celebration of her fine life.  While the date is not yet set, it will probably be in November, when her family can be here.  We will let everyone know closer to the date.

 Beverley’s career and contributions from 1998 and 2005 are described in her Profile on this our website. We will be adding so much more, as we know her last 17 years were as impactful as her early years.

How fortunate we are to have known her!

Visual Arts



One of the most important and highly regarded annual juried art exhibitions in Ontario.

Elora Fergus Studio Tour


Take an intriguing self-guided tour and meet artists where they live and work.

Art in Public 


Enriching exterior and interior spaces in our community with the beauty of visual art.

Elora en Plein Air


Plein Air welcomes artists from far and wide to our 4 day art competition.

Elora Sculpture Project


The Elora Sculpture Project is an outdoor exhibition that runs from May through October each year.

Performing Arts

Art Talks


Fascinating Sunday afternoon artist’s talks at the Elora & Fergus libraries.

Puppets Elora


Since 1995, Puppets Elora has used traditional puppetry to bring live theatre to children. 

Gallery Concert Series


Each program has a variety of performances and an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of the old Salons. Learn ore about our concerts…

Literary Arts

Elora Writer’s Festival


We are hoping to re-establish a committee. If you have an interest in the literary arts we would love to hear from you.


Elora Poetry Centre


International Poetry and Collaborative Arts


Elora Community Theatre


Elora Community Theatre is completely powered by volunteers; your interest and talents are welcome.

Elora Centre for the Arts


75 Melville Street, Elora  efta.ca

We are a connector, the hub of arts and culture in the area, the voice of the arts in the community.  We promote the arts, provide opportunities for the public to connect with cultural programs and support and advocate for artists and arts organizations.